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Hi there, italian booster here, my name is Lorenzo. I've been playing Valorant since beta, played alongside with many EU pros like ScreaM, I'm a friendly person who likes to have fun with customers, I will try my best to finish your order in the fastest way, you won't regret me :).
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Reyna104 27,31 15,08 3,82 2,06 4.899,56 / game 75,0%
Jett86 23,8 16,27 3,47 1,68 4.240,66 / game 74,42%
Neon16 23,13 15,0 4,13 1,82 4.169,75 / game 81,25%
Sage15 24,4 15,87 7,0 1,98 4.709,27 / game 86,67%
Phoenix11 25,09 15,91 3,82 1,82 4.627,64 / game 63,64%
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Genuine customer feedbacks about LoreMaster
9 de set. de 2022
Platinum III to Diamond II
Amazing guy,
Amazing guy, awesome dude, super fun to play with
29 de ago. de 2022
Bronze III to Silver I
A great guy
A great guy
29 de ago. de 2022
Platinum II to Platinum III
Booster was
Booster was perfect and really nice. 5/5 would play again
29 de ago. de 2022
2 Placement matches Unrated
He was
He was very nice and good. 5/5
20 de ago. de 2022
1 Placement matches Platinum II
17 de jul. de 2022
Gold III to Platinum III
The person
The person that played with me was not only so good at the game, but also very friendly. When I was in a bad situation he always tried to help me or give me advice. I didn't really care about grinding and upgrading my rank, as long as I was playing with him, I knew games would be fun and easy to win !
16 de jul. de 2022
Bronze III to Silver II
Real fast
Real fast command, and verry respectuos
15 de jul. de 2022
Gold II to Platinum I
Insane as
Insane as allways. He is allways so freaking positive. Love to play with him
13 de jul. de 2022
Diamond III to Ascendant I
will always
will always tag him hes so so so soooo strong, always listen ur request best of the best
13 de jul. de 2022
Diamond I to Diamond II
Best of
Best of the best, please i recommand you he is the best, and always listen ur request whatever matter , hes faster than everyone :)
7 de jul. de 2022
Gold I to Gold II
Third time
Third time playing with him now. Insanely gold player, allways in a good mood and brings nice mentality.
18 de jun. de 2022
Silver III to Gold I
Again, insane
Again, insane player and keeps your mentality up when you duo with him
17 de jun. de 2022
1 wins in Bronze I
The best
The best duelist I've ever seen!! Carried the game on his own and 1v9! I learned a lot from watching him play too. LoreMaster is the best <33
16 de jun. de 2022
Silver I to Silver III
Insanely good player
Insanely good player
15 de jun. de 2022
Silver III to Gold I
Very kind,
Very kind, does his job well!!
12 de jun. de 2022
1 wins in Platinum II
11 de jun. de 2022
Gold I to Gold III
Excellent communication
Excellent communication and pleasure as always
3 de jun. de 2022
3 Placement matches Unrated
Excellent, fast
Excellent, fast and funny!
3 de jun. de 2022
1 wins in Iron III
Amazing duellist!
Amazing duellist! Super friendly, did the order very quickly, carried the game and was MVP. Best booster on the site <33
2 de jun. de 2022
6 Unrated Matches
Very friendly
Very friendly and very quick to complete the order just great
31 de mai. de 2022
Bronze III to Silver I
This guy
This guy is insane! Extremely good player, and friendly and funny as well!!! Will come back for more boosting def!
29 de mai. de 2022
Silver I to Gold I
kind and fast
kind and fast
29 de mai. de 2022
Silver II to Silver III
Was a
Was a great guy, perfect booster
25 de mai. de 2022
Platinum III to Diamond I
As always
As always very pleasant to play with, always has the desired outcome :D